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2012 End of the Mayan Calendar
The End of the World or Our New Beginning?

by: n-lite 10/05
A Spiritual Healer and Counselor in the UK
Messenger/email: frozenwing@hotmail.co.uk or agentnol@yahoo.com
My blog: thecleaver.blogspot.com

 Someone was asking me recently what I would do if "nothing happened on 2012?" Such a direct question perplexed me for a second and even irritated me a bit; a negative vibe implicit in the tone of their question. My response was "It's already happening." And then I sat them down with a coffee and opened up the top of my head.

So this was my reaction from memory (already posted to another tribe in an altered form) but I thought it had good resonance here. I hope it adds something...

My personal cosmology, my whole model of perception, has undergone a major upgrade over the last five or six years. It's been like going from DOS to XP. Similar raw code, radically different interpretation. I think the next step is moving away from the requirement for an operating system altogether.

My basic concept for the physical world on earth is as follows. A small number of people control the whole show. Everything. Food, water, power, education, government, media, transport, military. Everything. This has been the case for thousands of years. It is not conspiracy. It is fact. Today is no different to the time of the Mayans, The Egyptians, The Roman Empire. Now we live in the time of the fall of the American Empire. The British Empire having already fallen. Anyway. All this stuff. All this so called history is just a human bullshit melodramatic cover story. The only reason we can know this is thru the internet it's massive potential for information availability, exchange and digestion. You need to do the research for yourself, but the results are unequivocal. Every step of the way, the substantiation is there. Control. Manipulation. So it's all a racket. A fairy tale. Even the way things are now. The cars, the refrigerators, the TV, the job, the house, taking money we earn to waste on war, the water we bathe in. It is an illusion. Pure fantasy. Unreal at the most profound level.

Why? How? As Morpheus said “Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, kept inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind.” The thing is, the prison is not a bad place. It’s got beautiful sunsets, sparkling blue oceans, moonlit beaches, lush forests, bustling cities, beautiful people, delicious food, movies, fast cars, and all that shit. All juicy things to quench the senses. That is the genius of the prison. But the fact remains that we are not free. The truth is being concealed. I don’t know who’s fault that is, or whether it is anyone’s fault at all. But I feel the gravity of the truth behind things. The key is quieting the senses. Connecting with the greater fields of energy in nearby realities. In so doing, we can see why reality is sculpted the way it is and perhaps even to disempowering those who seek to artificially manipulate it. The weapon is spreading awareness. Raising the vibration of consciousness as a whole. Many of the people in this tribe (and similar ones) are doing the very same thing.

My path has taken me through Philosophy, Shamanism, Toltec & Mayan culture, Conspiracy Theory, Psychology, Quantum Theory, Holography and back to the nucleus of human consciousness. And now here I stand. Things are somehow drawing together.

The ancients knew that all systems of insidious control on earth are finite. These patterns could not continue to dominate whether through man's own arrogance and aggression, or through the manipulation of an off-world force. The dawn of the new age would happen at the peak of the industrial society. When everything was plastic, disposable, militaristic, technocratic and overloaded. And they are right. The western materialist paradigm is collapsing day by day. If you can lift yourself out of it to the right degree, it's almost as funny as it is tragic.

People like George W are a crucial element in raising human and planetary awareness. He is so transparently stupid that everyone is re-evaluating their notion of a so called democratic society with it's elected leader. They are examining their core ideas of what is important. No one believes the government anymore. In the so called golden age of the 1950's - that would've been heresy. The mind did not have enough information to challenge that core belief. Now it does. At last, at long last, people are realizing that the governments are deeply corrupt - all of them. Probably always were. For example, there is a lot of hard evidence showing the mechanics and purposes of presidential selection…

“Genealogical sources, like the New England Historical Genealogical Society and Burkes Peerage, have shown that 33 of the 42 presidents to Clinton are related to Charlemagne and 19 are related to England's Edward III, both of whom are of this bloodline. A spokesman for Burkes Peerage, the bible of royal and aristocratic genealogy based in London, has said that every presidential election since and including George Washington in 1789 has been won by the candidate with the most royal genes. Now we can see how and why. United States presidents are not chosen by ballot, they are chosen by blood!”

The Karmic irony is that the Neocon agenda of in-your-face world domination will be the final act of materialist greed and aggression. It is coming to an end. While there will undeniably be scary times, there will also be a tremendous shift to a reality based on it’s more fundamental principles - of consciousness. Higher consciousness.

Deep, fathomless awareness. The unified field. The big mind. These things are vital and at root, the very building blocks of reality. I believe that it is our charge, our function, to serve as agents of consciousness. Whether we operate on the front lines, or behind enemy lines, or within our own families, or schools or offices or cities, or the fields, oceans or forests. We are agents. Raising awareness and purifying, deepening, activating consciousness.

So in the end, consciousness is all. We cannot lose. The system is coming to an end. Thank God. The age of consciousness is dawning. Physical reality is less dense. It’s happening right now. You can feel it if you balance the senses and quiet the mind. Everything is becoming more ethereal. We must continue to shift our perspective and let go of the illusory “I”. There is no self. Only a story to tell. Nothings lasts, but nothing is lost. All personal journeys are recorded, kept, eternal, perfect. There is no separation: only the illusion of diversity from pure, unified consciousness.

2012 is the zenith of the transformation. We do not know whether it'll be dramatic or subtle, violent or beautiful. Or all. But the echoes of 2012 are already changing things. I can feel it. I can see it.

Are we up for the challenge?

by n-lite 10/05
A Spiritual Healer and Counselor in the UK
Messenger/email: frozenwing@hotmail.co.uk or agentnol@yahoo.com
My blog: thecleaver.blogspot.com



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