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Here are my family pictures
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Updated 1 / 9 / 2012


Parental Units
Grandfather John Rich Edna Rich Bill Rich Carolyn Collins
Brilliant Inventor
John Rich
Edna Rich
Bill Rich

now Carolyn Collins


Nancy Papst
Elder Sister
Nancy Pabst
Elder Brother
John Rich
Younger Sister
Illia Rich
Younger Brother
Damion Rich
Rich Distributing
My Siblings at our Father's funeral 2006

Siblings w/spouces

John, Betty, Illia, David, Tia, Damion, Robyn, Kerry, Nancy


Family Gathering 1999 (me and Damion's family to the right)



The David Rich Family
Ceair & David Lady Tia Porsha, Hope, & Ceair
Youngest daughter Ceair and your host David Rich (1997) My Soulmate Lady Tia (1998) My Daughters 96 


My 3 Daughters and Son 2000
Porsha Rich

Hope Rich

Ceair Rich
Porsha Hope Ceair Torrin
Some photos of my second daughter Hope Rich (1996)
Hope Rich Hope Rich Hope Rich Hope Rich

My 3 Daughters Fall of 2004 and my Son in late 2008

Porsha Rich Hope Rich Ceair Rich
Porsha Hope w/friend Ceair Torrin

Ceair and Hope Rich 2006


Grandmother: Edna Rich w/2 Sisters 2006
at my Father's funeral


Father: Bill Rich as a child w/siblings


Perry and Carolyn Collins


Big Sister Nancy, the  Pabst family

My older Sister's family 2004,
Kerry and Nancy w/kids.

Sister Nancy Pabst & family
Kerry & Nancy Pabst

Kerry & Nancy Pabst 2006

Sister Nancy Pabst & family


Big Bother: John Rich Family

John & Betty Rich

Step-son Chris Rich 1999
with 1 of 4 Baby-mammas

John & Betty top center w/a few children & grandkids 2011


5 generations, of sorts Summer 1999


Little Sis  Karen Rich 1984

Sister Karen Kagie

The Karen Kegie Family
Younger Sister: The Karen Illia Kagie's Family 12/02

My Sister Karen and Family
Krystalin, Ian, Illia, Brendon, & Autumn 12/07

My Sister Karen and Family
Summer 2008

Summer 2008

My Sister Karen and Family
Autumn, Brendon, Illia, Krystalin, & Ian 12/08

Sister Karen Kagie

Brendon, Illia, Krystalin, & Autumn 12/11


Little Brother: The Damion Rich Family

Damion & Robin Rich 1996

Damion & Robin

John, Edna, Damion, and Robin

Damion & Robin

Brady Rich

Brother Damion, Robin, & Son Brady

Brady & Damion 2008

Brother Damion, Robin, & Son Brady


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