The Great Equalizer
Written 2018 by: David Rich

Instead of looking down on one another with judgment or envy; perhaps there is another way we should be seeing those who surround us. I think it's rather narrow-minded to see people as they appear at this moment in time. Consider to imagine who they may become with all their unseen potential. They may achieve great things well beyond our expectations. Perhaps even more than what we will achieve. This is a far healthier outlook.

Going well beyond this thinking, we could take this even a far further leap. Try to imagine how amazing they may have been in past lives within their greatest achievements. Even their potential in lives yet begun. I know this is not easy to do and very abtract thinking, but try to stretch your imagination. Or at least just accept the fact that we have no idea either way, so we have no right to assume they had not been or won't become quite amazing people who could look down on us.

This should extend to other issues as well. Such as racism and our bias towards cultures and lifestyles we might find make us uncomfortable. How do we know we were not just like them, or worse at some point in time. Most chances are we were completely different in our past lives that we seem in this. Maybe we were also persecuted for it by those who feel above us? Whom we have now become. Ponder this for a while and consider the possibilities and accept what we do not know. There is nothing positve gained by assuming less of a person's potential; past, present, or future.

True or not this is just a good way to help adjust our attitude towards other people in order to equalize us all. Anything else is counter-productive and socially destructive. Such as this messed up society we have created. Seek to see the world through a different broader lens for a better future, with less division and conflict. Someone making us uncomfortable or impatient is not a crime, so why must they be punished? Allow them to grow and develop into their best self through their gradual self-discovery.





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