KillerHow To Become One of the Top 20 High Scorers of Jezzball?

As for verification; we will need you to send usClick here to e-mail us at www.jezzball.com proof of your conquest. This being a screen capture of the game board right after you bit the dust, and a description of your insane ordeal. please send a head shot with it so visitors can place a face with the name. It makes it seem so much more real that way. don't you agree?

killerTo make it into the top 10, you must send me about a dozen screen captures leading up to your demise, toward the end of your game. Send them along with a detailed story of you endeavors to become part of the
Top Elite Jezz-Freaks of the world!!!!!!!

You will get to publish your own web page here at www.jezzball.com, and receive lots of e-mail from your jealous jezz-minions, as well as becoming one of the official Jezz-Judges, who will review future submission to the High Scorers Lists. Please don't forget the photo of you.

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How Do I Save an Image of My Game as Proof of My High Score?

Jezz On!

    All you need to do, right after reaching your high score, is press the button at the top right of your key board that says "Print Screen".  This puts it into a temporary memory called RAM.  You will not see it.  There is no file saved on your hard drive.  If you do not work on it soon after this, you will loose it.  You need to finish making it into an image file that you can name and save off into a folder.  You now will have to open up an image editing program that you can use to work on the new image.   The program needed will be like the ones listed here:  Paint, ACDSee, Photo Impact, Paintshop Pro, PhotoShop, and many others.  The last one mentioned costs around $500.00, But the other two cost under a hundred dollars and "Paint" is probably already on your computer.

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   We have all of these on my system, but you will not need more than one.  You can find them on the web and purchase them from there.  You will find Photo Shop 6.0 cheaper at a local store, or online catalogs.  Ebay is known to have it for a great bargain as well, but I recommend you not get it from Adobe directly.  We think you would like ACDSee best.  It has a lot of features like looking at your files of pictures as thumb nails and easily being able to organize your folders of images.  As we said, you may already have "Paint" on your system.  We believe you should be able to use that one.

Just select "new" in the "file" selection.  The new window should already be sized just right for your image that is being held in your temporary memory.  Press the "control" key and the "V" key at the same time.  This should now have created a window with your desktop in it as a still image.  You then should crop it to show the relevant information the we will need.   Just save it to a folder as a "jpg" or a "gif" file, and give it an appropriate name so you will be able to find it later. You may want to create a new folder to put it in.  Named Jezz Mania, or something like that.  Then attach the image into an e-mail and send it to whom ever you want to share it with.  Like us!
   Ginger showed me that it can also be imported into "Word" program and attached to an e-mail. This seemed to work, but it leads me to have to go to some unnecessary effort to convert it into a "jpg" file to send on to the Jezz-Judges.

   If you don't have proof but would still like to be recognized here at www.jezzball.com, then go to The Big List of Jezz-Freaks page and sign on!


Andy Fielding 12-02-97 writes:

Hi from BC, Canada:

I sure like your Jezzball pages! Thanks for putting them up.

You mention taking screen-shots of Jezzball high scores. How about trying
Paint Shop Pro? It does great, easy screen "captures", and it's free (that
is, it's shareware). You can download it from http://www.jasc.com

Cheers, Andy

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Check out some of my favorite (inexpensive) software that helps make computing a joy!
  (you'll be able to try out the shareware before you buy it)

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