Our Path
Written 12/02 - 8/08
by: David Rich


This personal story was probably the most difficult and personal web page that I will ever write, which is a main reason that I was so reluctant and waited so long to share this on the Web. And the story continues to unfold day-by-day, but first is a more generic understanding of the paths we take:

In our search for the answers of life we often look to wise people to lead us. Although from within is the only way one will find the answers that really matter in one's life. It is the goals we set for ourselves  to accomplish in this life that matter, before we even came down here while as our higher wisdom self. There is the generous assistance of our Spirit Guides to help us stay on our path. We really do not need a School with instructors to find our individual rightness in life. I suppose I cannot speak for all, but my understanding is that we have a feeling of rightness when we are on our path, which is our best guide. We have the option to stray from that path at any point of course, but we will loose that feeling. Little more needs to be said about this issue.

I know many of us have diverged from our path, but it is never too late to step back on. It will just take some creative planning for our SG to get us headed in the right direction again. All we need is to ask and have the willingness to follow their gentle guiding. That is kind of where the String Theory philosophers get it wrong, as if we have one chance to stray or we are permanently lost on an alternating course. It may be time lost, assuming our SG is not able to find a new course that could be strong enough to make up for lost time, but I have a lot of faith in their ability from a point of view far beyond what we have access to.

If you or you want to know more about the meaning of life in a more clear and concise book: Journey of Souls by Michael Duff Newton Ph.D has those answers. I am amazed such a book was permitted to be printed. Sometimes it can be more harmful to have the answers than beneficial.

Now to Our Personal Path:
This is about the path that Tia and I had set forth for us to walk here in this life and the goals we set to accomplish before we came back to this Earth.  I am talking about the decisions made before we took that leap into yet another life.  For more detailed information of what this process is, read the books called ‘Journey of Souls’ & ‘Destiny of Souls’ by Michael Duff Newton Ph.D.

Mr. Newton has compiled an incredible set of books on what the spirit realm is all about and how it works (no joke). He compiled this research from working with now about a 9,000 clients over the last few decades, where he had hypnotized and regressed them back to tell of their experiences in past lives, and even in between lives.  With this information you will find how organized religions are so far off the mark for these answers to life's mysteries, and see how they have perverted their ability to manipulate people.  You will be amazed! All that matters in life is the contract you made with your higher self that remains in the spirit realm, and your spirit guides to gently help you stay on track. It is a wonderfully refreshing un-biased explanation, that seems to get right to the point and make things much more understandable.

Why would we want to bother jumping into another life's adventure without a clear goal of the lessons and accomplishments you would like to see happen.  The primary focus is more on our gradual development and evolution that anything else. We are not suggesting that every person has such a detailed predetermined path they set for themselves, but we have seen that we certainly did.  We feel very blessed to have made a clear path for this life, even if many of the choices we made were very difficult, challenging, and perhaps so unpleasant that without the help of our Spirit Guides, we would have most likely strayed from our path long ago.  These difficulties are often the events that will inspire us to grow and be the most rewarding for our personal advancement, or for the growth of our fellow Earth-mates.  But that often means they will not be easy experiences.

Picture yourself there, in-between lives, having all of your accumulated wisdom at your fingertips, as well as the mental capacity to comprehend it.  I know that in this state of limited wisdom we cannot even imagine what that would be like, but try for a moment to grasp what I am saying here. This is not to minimize the wisdom and advice of your Spirit Guides and teachers who have lovingly invested their effort to help you make these decision and to help you along your paths, but they are very casual about this and not pushy.  All this and more is at your disposal in order to make such important decisions for your coming journey here on Earth, along with the dedication of these Spirit Guides to help you out and gently guide you on your path.  They also have to carefully work around the un-predictable circumstances you are likely to encounter along the way.

We do not pretend to know all the intimate detail of what this encompasses, but this is a general over view.  It is an amazing and incredible system of loving devotion, and the focus of Angels as it were.  Many special advanced souls struggled, suffered and worked hard to prepare to help other less developed souls to assist and maintain this delicate system.  Without this support group, it most likely would not even be possible to set a comprehensive path for ourselves.  The miracle is these Spirit Guides who care enough for you and the world you effect, to invest their effort to guide you along the way.

They give us subtle influences as clues to whether we are staying on course.  It is a most precious blessing indeed.  Some times we have felt like pawns of the Divine (our own over-souls included in the mix), but we do not assume that within our Earthly limited outlook and abilities that we could ever figure out the necessary step for implementation of a good plan.  Not without the blessing of their assistance, given their larger overview that they have of the ever-changing situations we will encounter.  Our free-will is always open to us to change this plan, but I fear that it would be a grave mistake to do that mid-stream and not have our higher wisdom accessible to us, to formulating a different plan.

That said, here is our story:
When Tia and I first met (in this life), it was like a storybook romance with an undeniable Soulmate connection. Only 14 days after our first e-mail, we read vows to each other, exchanged gold rings, and we were hand-fasted right there (see our story of how we met at thebeginning.htm).  We later arranged to be legally married on September 11 1999 at a local renaissance fair called Shrewsbury. You can see our wedding photos at wd .

And now over 7 years later, we still feel that strong Soulmate connection and are said to still have the presence of newly-weds.  It has not been all a bed of roses, but we do feel it is a more rewarding relationship than most couples seem to have.  It is hard to describe, but we feel very whole together, which transcends into a spiritual connection.  Even Tantric if you will. She may be very easy on the eyes, but trust me, it goes much much deeper than that.

In this life, we both had been married once before.  Early on we had often pondered what this Soulmate connection means if we had chosen to hook-up with others as mates before reconnecting in this life?  If we are truly Soulmates; why would we have not chosen to re-connect originally?  We both had been married to our Ex for over a dozen years each no less, and even had several children with them?  On the surface, this makes little sense, besides the fact that we were not well mated with our Ex.  It was far from a healthy relationship. Co-dependant to say the least.

The funny thing was how that when we first met on-line, Tia had seen my art collection, and recognized that I had a true Pagan calling with all the Faery and Celtic imagery I was drawn to.  Over time, Tia worked up the courage to express to me her ideals and her spirituality in an eclectic Wiccan tradition.  I had heard about a few friends dabbling in their Gothic Pagan type rituals, and it seemed more a way to buck tradition that something they felt a genuine draw towards.  I also did not know enough about it to understand it's origin or their ethical foundation.  As time went by and I learned more, I found that it did not conflict with my ideals. A rare thing indeed!

Six months after we met, Tia had un-intentionally dropped into her first past life regression during a very intense sexual experience; where she dropped into an altered state of mind, and saw the two of us as loving mates.  In this vision, she saw us get violently murdered (death being a common event for the first few past life regressions).  The vision was quite clear.  So clear that it was like reliving that experience all over again, blended less with the now.

From the time of that first regression, it was about another six months before she was looking to journey into more past lives, knowing a person is not able to be selective as to what they are to re-experience.  It can perhaps be very therapeutic, but we do not readily recommend this to people, since some of what she has re-witnessed was as horrific as you could imagine.  It has been very difficult for her to deal with over the last several years to work through and face those issues.  It has not all been bad, but for good reason she has become less enthusiastic about going into these far reaches of her mind.  We see there is good reason that we are not privy to these past memories, since our purpose here is to be in the present and get caught up in the intense reality and drama of this life, in order to learn the lessons we set out for our benefit.

Our Role as Healers:
It was not for another year or so after that, when one day she was feeling very agitated.  Later that night, while soaking in the hot tub trying to relax and get into a meditative state of mind; she in-avertedly dropped into another past life regression.  But instead of seeing the two of us together, she saw her Ex as a mate in that life.  Without going into any details, in that life, he was much more abusive.  You can imagine her confusion; 'why would she ever have decided to hook up with him in again this life, if she had been through all that turmoil with him in that past?'  Even on a subconscious level you would think she would know to steer clear of him. I could see that she was upset, she told me about it as best she could, expressing her dilemma.  I had a certain ‘knowing’ come over me right then.  I exclaimed; “Oh, now this is beginning to make sense now”.  I explained to her: our principle roles in life is as Healers, right? She agreed.  This was one of our primary project we both had volunteered for.

You can go around telling people how to know and live love, but until they find a way to own it for themselves and implement it into their way of thinking, it is pretty much worthless dogma.  The best any of us can do is to set a good example.  We can try to show them what it is to love the world and everything in it.  It seems that instead of devoting 30 or 40 years to this one project during a single life, we were willing to invest a dozen years or so, then regroup to continue our good example of what a healthy and rewarding relationship is.  In this vision, and from what we have seen within the scope of this life; we have seen a substantial improvement in her Ex, and are very proud of the progress he has made in developing paternal feelings, as well as compassion for others.

We have also seen that some of our children have taken it on to continue this healing work as well.  In my case; I have not been able to be in contact with my Ex, so we cannot report of her progress.  We can only hope for the best. She is mentally ill and prone to irrational violence.  It seems that in her case her issues are so severe that after out 14+ years together and the split; it was then to take our three daughters to invest their late childhoods to continue this work without my intervention, in order to make the progress needed within this life-time.

It is good to see our efforts and sacrifices were not in vain, but it is not for us to expect to see the fruits of our labor or we were not doing it for the right selfless reasons.  That is not where our focus needs to be.  We also have been blessed to have such positive karma and good fortune in many aspects of our life as a result of this path.  Many blessings in ways we could not have imagined for ourselves.

In a more pragmatic manner, I have been awarded an Integrity Award from the local Better Business Bureau for the North West.  I received this award for doing honest quality work that is well above required code requirements for each of my clients.  As well as showing a high standard of Ethical Responsibility (as written about on another one of my philosophy web pages).  I know that my example may not make a large impact on the business community to change how business is done.  At least not in my life time.  But if we give up and do not try to do our part, what will become of this world?  Writing t
hese web pages and the ethics we implement in our professional and private lives are other ways we do our healing work. 

Tia is also a Registered Nurse, and worked in that field for several year.  Before that she got her degree in Behavioral Sciences and worked at the Children's Farm Home in Corvallis Oregon for 5 years helping troubled youth.  She has worked her career into a fulltime work as a spiritual healer, and has garnered one of the highest reputations in the Northwest.  We were both Reiki attuned to perform laying on hands healing, Spiritual Counseling, to teach Tantra and Sacred Sexuality.  Tia is a  level 3 Reiki Master, and is always looking to advance her development as a healer.  One of her healing work web site is: http://magickal-healing-arts.org  .  She recently got her degree in Hypnotherapy and is looking to help a lot of people using that tool. Her web site for that is http://inner-serenity.org . She also wants to use it to induce a deep hypnotic trance for drug free births. The potential is amazing, as women have had C-section births drug free using hypnosis.

We have spent years writing on-line about The Art of Open Sensuality that supports the ideas of a healthy primary relationships through honesty and a healthy respect of you and your mate's needs and desires.  As opposed to condemning all who are not strictly serial monogamous, we work to channel their needs in less harmful and destructive ways, while celebrating life.

Ghost Busters:
We prefer to call it 'Soul Rescuing' though, as was used for the title of a good book on this subject. Tia was gifted to see spirits since she was young. There is a common misconceptions that the world is infested with evil spirits that seek to possess us to be malicious and harm one another. This is understandable, but from what we have found, it is 'gravely' erroneous.  There are many angry spirits of ordinary people who have died, so we can easily see how these misconceptions were formed.  There are a substantial number of spirits who may have met a unusually unpleasant demise, or may not even realize they have died.  Some of them feel so guilty for their selfish acts in life that they fear the wrath of God and intentionally choose to not transition back over to the spirit realm to rejoin their higher self and their soul-group.  Many for some reason may not have seen the light to traveled through the tunnel and move on to the spirit realm (as most people do), in preparation for what they would choose to do next for their future development.  Or perhaps to just hang there till they get too bored in paradise.  <LOL>

If they were so distraught as to take their own life, it is easy to understand that they are not quick to want to move on and start anew.  This is not easy work.  These spirits are often very angry and even violent.  Few people would be willing to do this sort of work.  It takes a great deal of compassion and patience.  You need to not your focus and your love for all people and the desire to help when they are cursing your existence and even physically violent.  Not to mention their efforts to suck your energy that whole while.  Psychic Vampires if your will.  If they were to have a good feed of the life force energy we all need to survive, they would have seen this connection to the Divine and would have most likely moved on.  They are the ones who deny this connection and need to survive feeding off other's energy source, even if they do not realize what they are doing.  Heck, we even do it between a Parent child during a power struggle, so no need to label them as demons.  They are just trying to survive any how they can.

We have been very successful over the last few years, and have developed a lot more confidence in helping several hundred lost spirits to see the light and move on.  Some lost souls are brought to us by Spirit Guides ready to transition over, and it may only take a few minutes or so to help them out.  There are some others who have taken several hours to help transition if at all.

Spirit Guides have been instrumental in this work.  It is often unexpected, and we may have to suddenly drop everything to devote our complete attention to this issue.  One time we were brought a Spirit Guide that had lost their way and needed to be guided back home for healing.

Time seems to have little meaning to these lost spirits.  Some have been trapped in this state of limbo for centuries.  If you are interested in learning more; we have recently found several good books on this subject of soul rescuing: 'Soul Rescuers', by Terry & Natalia O'Sullivan.  Echo Bodine is also famous for doing this kind of work for the last several decades.  She has appeared on several talk shows and wrote a few books like: 'Relax, it's only a Ghost'.  It is a very good read to give you a good handle on what comprised the spirit world, in contrast to our physical reality.  There are many more, but that is a good start.

More recently Tia has earned a degree in hypnotheray, as a Doula, and now working towards becoming a Midwife in a 3 year course study through the Ancient Arts Midwifery Institute . I continue to help those who would read these pages and do my best to set a good example in the business community with my custom copper work for rain management products like chimney caps and turret roof caps with the highest standards you are likely to find.

We could give more detail of what we are doing as we walk our path, but what is relevant to you is what your path is, and if you are accepting your path.  If you feel that you must for some reason learn more about the details of our adventures, you will have to get to know us a lot better, and then maybe we will share with you our more complete story.  But this is all we are prepared to share with the world wide web at this time.  We hope for your sake that you will thrive on your path, live love, and have no trouble finding your way back home.  When it is your time.


Blessed be!




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