I finally decided to create a few pages dedicated to the Tarot. 
I have been reading the cards for the last 16 years, and have grown on my path toward them sometimes slowly and other times at a fevered pace.  

I suppose before this time I never really felt I had much to offer toward the multitude of Tarot information out there.  
There are many young readers out there seeking an oracle, and the Tarot
being one of the most popular forms appears to be the one so many turn to. That being said the multitude of information is one reason why I am writing this now.


There are so many different decks to chose from and a large number of how-to books.  The plethora of information can make the decision very daunting to say the least.


The first piece of advise on the Tarot that I can give is to understand that it is not the deck of cards that tells you the answers it is the energy and messages that come from opening yourself up to that energy be it from yourself or another person you are reading for.  This information comes to you from a very subliminal place.  Because of this it is often best to record the reading at the time you do it as not to forget the messages that are given to you.  Many people think that simply pulling out those very same cards will give the information, but again remember the meaning is not in the cards.  They are simply a tool.


Since I said this many may be wondering then why the how-to books give meaning for each card in the upright and reverse positions.  Those meaning and definitions usually come from the author of those cards and the  meaning it traditionally has as either or an archetype or that came to them in research and meditation.  That is a very static thought that the card would then hold that same meaning for everyone.  YES there are general themes to each card, but each reading is highly personal to each person it is for.