Eternal Life

Eternal life is a concept embraced by many people, but the definition of it is diverse to cultures and individuals. 
Some see their life here as a step to eternal life in Heaven.
Ascension of their souls allows them to join with God and loved ones. 
I do not agree to this theory.
  Not that my thoughts are exceptionally unique, but I recognize they are also not the norm

Life after death, and reincarnation are two phrases used to define an eternal life that continues to grow, instead of end with a heavenly ascent.  I have always believed people live multiple times, and have a purpose for the lives that they lead. Our souls have a journey to fulfill, and with each life there is a purpose that leads them through this journey or a so called life path.

As I speak about this I go back to my beliefs in Soulmates, that one person who is your complete match.  The piece of your soul that left to create it's own journey.   As you pass through lifetimes you may encounter your Soulmate, and have a reunion.   Each of you surround yourself with new experiences to help your soul grow, and move further through your journey. 

I hear people question why we experience pain and trauma, "how can God let these things happen". 
Some become so bitter at God, for allowing terrible things to happen, they stop believing in anything. 
I see our lives and all that happens as a chosen outcome for soul growth.  To grow you need changes, and with changes there is initially a struggle or pain is experienced.
  Our lives here are for growth and learning of all experiences, not just the positive ones. 
Our souls need
All experiences to continue moving on.

Moving to where?   Again, I have to state, I don't believe in a celestial kingdom ruled by one Godlike figure. 
Instead of the one, all knowing, parental figure, I believe there is more of a collective entity comprised of the many souls that have found completion in their journeys.
Each Soul is at a different point in their journey, and there are always new souls just beginning theirs.  
We are all growing and learning within our own spiritual landscape.

According to the Celtic Faith their are three areas of existence. 
The innermost circle of existence is Abred or the Middleworld. 
Abred is the earthly plane and is a place of learning for the soul. 
The soul springs to life from the Annwn or Underworld. 
Annwn is a place of new beginnings and renewal,
a place to re-await your rebirth. 
The Upper world or Gwynvyd is a realm for immortal beings. 
Deities and souls that have reached a higher state and no longer need continue their soul growth in the realm of Abred. 
The Celts also believe in the realm  of Ceugant,
the uppermost of the Upperworld and residence of the supreme creators.  What humankind call Gods and Goddesses. 
The Celts believe though that not all Gods and Goddesses
are within this realm that they are present in all three realms as their calling is needed. 

I can honestly say that within myself is a soul that has experienced growth throughout many lifetimes. 
I have been lucky to experience seeing and learning from some of my souls previous incarnations. 
At times I wish I had never seen some of these insights,
but  understand that the veil was lifted to allow me to use these insights
to grow from and strengthen the path I am on.
  I find comfort in dealing with the ups and downs of my life,  knowing the pain I have felt has not been in vain.
  I embrace the idea that all my experiences enrich my soul, and allow it to move further in it's growth.