Our New Baby


Greetings to you all
We are very proud and excited to announce the newest addition to our realm.
 He arrived a bit earlier than we had expected. 

On October 31st 2000 Samhain (Halloween)

Torrin Alex Zander Evan Rich

(Tazer or Taz for short)

 was born.
 I guess he was anxious to go
 Trick or Treating.

He weighed 5lbs 3.3 oz
and was 19 inches long


His birth took a little different path than we had expected.
  Because of his earlier arrival
 our hopes of a home waterbirth
 were scratched.
  Much to our disappointment over that we forged ahead,
 and proceeded to OHSU
 the local medical center.

 24 hours after Lady Tia's water broke
 Torrin was born.
  He was delivered into the hands of Lady Tia and Lord Deair.
  No other hands birthed him
 but our own.
  We cannot tell you
 the tremendous sense of joy
 and happiness
 that overcame us at that moment.  

Lord Deair accompanied our baby
 to the nursery.
 Torrin required oxygen at first and some antibiotics because of the fever I had during delivery,
 but he was breathing smoothly within a couple hours.
Because of his early arrival
 he spent a day and a half
 in the neonatal ICU.
  This was hard on Lady Tia
 and Lord Deair,
 but we spent as much time as possible holding him and loving him. 

Much to our delight
 he was sent home in our arms
 2 days after his birth,
 healthy as can be,
 and continues to do well,
but sleeps most of the time.

This is Lord Deair's 4th and my 3rd child. With three daughters of his already, he was most delighted to have a son this last time around. 


Torrin Alex Zander Evan Rich (our Taz)
in the hospital

Dad and Torrin at home