David and Tia's Story


David and I began our relationship as an on-line romance.  I do not refer to it as a typical on-line romance, because I do not believe it was.  There was definitely magic surrounding our courtship. To many things about it came together far too perfectly to be a matter of coincidence. It seems as though we were guided by some alternate forces to have been at the right time and place in our lives. We realize that we needed to go through all our personal experiences before  reuniting, or it would not have worked so perfectly.


Our relationship grew steadily and quickly. It encompassed many levels.  We felt an uncommon bond to one another very early in our  e-mails, a  bond that grew, and became a commitment. 


David and I felt we wanted to share our story with others, not as a how to guide in Soulmates, or to boast. We felt this was more a tribute to the  all consuming love and passion we feel for each other.


To learn more about our story click on the links that are of interest to you.  Some areas of our story may appear risqué to some viewers.  What we have written is neither vulgar or obscene.  I invite you to share in our story, and revel in our happiness.


The Beginning of Our Relationship

Our Emotional Relationship

Our Physical Relationship

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