Soulmate List and Story Submission

Thank you for delving this far into my Soulmate pages.
  I am hoping that if you have come to this page
that you consider yourself part of a
Soulmate connection,
and are interested in joining our List of Soulmates.
Maybe you even feel compelled
to share your story of re-discovery with others.
If so we entreat you to send us your love story
for publication on our Web Site.
If you precede,
I will explain the expectations
of joining the Soulmate list and submission of
your Soulmate story.

Submissions to the Soulmate List

For those people who feel that they are in love
with the true mate to their soul.

1.   Please send both your names.
Preferentially your full names.

2.   Include the date you reunited with
your Soulmate.

3.   Location, give both, if different from
each other. All that is needed is City and
State.  No actually addresses

4.   Unless specified we will make your name
into a hyperlink directly to your
e-mail address.  Include both
addresses if different.

We would appreciate updates periodically to keep the
list as current as possible.  Please notify us of any
location or e-mail changes.

Submissions to the Soulmate Story List

For those who wish to inspire others with their
love story.

1. Send us your story via e-mail to

We will grammatically edit it prior to publication

2. Send a picture of you and your Soulmate
together or two separate pictures of each
of you, to put on the story link page.
If your unable to send a picture via e-mail,
then let us know and we'll give you our mailing
address to send it.

3. Supply us with any ideas of background pictures,
or colors you wish used on your page.

4.   Any music suggestions, if you know of a
particular song you wish used either
send me the MIDI or try to find it on the web. 


Thank you for your interest.  We hope to see your stories
soon.  We look forward to seeing other people
finding their true loves.

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