What is Time & Space
Written 1989 / 2002
David Rich


    When I was small I thought, 'If only I could understand exactly what time is, I could figure out how to manipulate it to suit my desire'.  Well, I think I understand it. At a steady pace we are moving forward through time. It is like constantly moving forward in a car at 35 mph.  Your body continues to age.  We toy with the speed of that pace, by having a good time or keeping busy by doing something you like, so time seems to fly by.  If you are bored and have nothing to do, it definitely seems to drag on.  The effects of aging are so gradual you hardly notice the difference, but most would agree that a person, who has had a hectic, busy life seems to show age sooner than others do.

    Freezing people, I’m told, can accelerate time or transport someone fast forward through time, like suddenly being thrust to Mach 2.  You wouldn’t age much until you’re slowed down to 35 MPH again.  Except for dreams your experiences would be pretty nil at that pace. As far as going backwards in time without the loss of age and experiences we have videotape, photographs, journals, and memories.  If you truly want to go back in time and or space to redo the past, like in Sci-Fi books, I don’t think you would survive a sudden blast from 35 MPH forward to mach 2 in reverse and forward at 35 again, when you’ve reached your destination.  And swinging around 180 won’t do any more than change the goal you are headed for.  You would still be moving forward.

    Something the Sci-Fi writers seem to miss is; if you’re going forward in a car you must stop before backing up.  How would you stop time, as far as you are concerned?  To stop having experiences and the aging process?  Death.  If you are dead your body ceases to age.  It starts to decay.  You are separated from your body and it’s hold on traveling forward in time.  If you stop time, time no longer exists.  And if time dose not exist you can go forward or backwards in time, and it takes no time to get there, because you are no subject to the bounds of time.  This is how God could be everywhere at the same time.  You would not be bound by space ether, in this state of existence.





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