The Origin of God, or the Goddess?
Written 1988 / 2003
by: David Rich

Have you ever wondered where the Divine may have come from?

Why did they do it and still choose to continue?

Where are they going with all this?

I do not pretend to know these answers, but this Hypothesis seems to be a logical start.

    Imagine if you will, the idea of an "Intelligence" floating through space.  It has a particular vibration or frequency.  It has attracted another with a similar vibration.  They connect on that frequency and sense a presence.  They work to discover what that presence is. Perhaps one alters it's own vibration and gets a reaction from the other.  More seem to collect and perhaps as crude as a sort of Morris code, they work to establish a form of communication in the alteration of their own vibration.  They cluster like a big snowflake.  They run upon another cluster, and through intentional fluctuation of their vibration, they work to communicate, like several people in a huddle and one of them shakes.

    Perhaps a small asteroid passes through them and they are in a commotion.  They strive to study, observe, and understand.   They decide to travel with the next asteroid, but it takes them several thousands of tries to finally succeed in connecting with one.

    They examine every crevice and make millions of futile attempts to experiment on this rock, but what other option do they have.  It collides with another, and then another.  Eventually colliding with such a large one that it seems to be stationary (a planet).  Eventually they are millions of "Intelligences" and continue in their work to understand their surrounding.

    Though their tests, they create a form that can move in this environment, but it breaks (a death if you will).  They build several trillion more. Each one better or worse than the other. Perhaps they were able to alter the electrons spinning around the atom, to create different types of materials.   They progress with this science.  Eventually building mechanical devices, etc.   Later, they discover bio-science, building billions of variations of carbon based life forms.  Then they go further, and build Silicon based life forms that last longer and are easily repairable.

    They so passionately love the entire universe for giving them them all these wonderful experiences, that they decide to share it with less developed "Intelligences".  What else could they do?  For them, there is no illusion if time (see: Time & Space).  Their only relevant measure for existence is accomplishment.  They formulated a plan, and revised that plan several million times, to gently bring these other less developed "Intelligence's" into their way of existence.

    Keep in mind that they may not even know where they came from, since a system for recording their steps of progress probably was not one of the first developments.  They may have hypothesized their origin after the discovery of the less developed "Intelligences" that seem to have a similar potential, given the right environment and inspiration.

    Perhaps The Divine can see a larger picture here.  The Goddess may see the collection of like minded individuals, working toward a common goal as one large connected body.  Just like your body that is made up of quadrillions of different cells all working together but performing different tasks for a common purpose. Being guided by the most advanced of this collective of souls.

    For those atheists out there, that would choose not subscribe to the idea there is an intended design.  I can only feel sorry for them, as it is no waste of effort to believe in such, since if we are wrong, we will never find out, but if they are wrong, they are sure to be embarrassed when they do find out. Just the way I see the incredible design of the human body on a microscopic level of DNA coding leads me to to conclude that it was too well designed to just be a fluke. I do realize that to believe in a higher purpose is perhaps a rather optimistic view, but that seems to me like a good place to be. Personally I feel there is few coincidences in my life. We strongly believe we set a path for our lives before starting in this life with gentle guidance from out spirit guides, and we have them with us still to help keep us on our chosen path.

For more detailed information of what this process is, read the books called ‘Journey of Souls’ & ‘Destiny of Souls’ by Michael Duff Newton Ph.D.



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