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Welcome to my Links page

I have divided my links into different sections to allow you a better choice of where you wish to go.

Each of these links covers an area of interest to me. 
If you find my web pages of interest then please check out these links,
I believe you'll find them worthwhile.   Please click on the images to link to the sites.


My Soulmates Web Pages

DMR Gutters:   Portland,  Oregon
Custom Aluminum and Copper gutters with no clog low maintenance options
Copper By Design:
Custom  created Copper designs, for local and national clients


Art Links

Steve Hanks Art Work
Steve Hanks does beautiful artwork in watercolors. 
His artwork touches deep into your soul. 
I urge you to take a look. 
I am lucky to have a few of his pieces in my home.
Visit the Internet’s #1 destination for Fairies and Folklore.  
Jessica Galbreth:
This is a site featuring

Celtic and Fairie artwork. 
Jessica  specializes in Goddess Portraits,
Faerie art and Mythos. 
Jessica continues to grow and expand her creativity.
Lee Seed:
An artist who does Celtic and fantasy  art. 

I have several of here works hanging on my walls.
Check out her site
An artist who does fantasy and gothic art. 
I have some of her artwork in my house. 
Check out her site
Ruth Thompson:
Ruth's talent is becoming well known in the art world. 
You can find her products in such stores as Hot Topic. 
I have a few of her art pieces in my own home. 
Enjoy her site.
Nene Thomas:
Nene's art is incredible in form and beauty. 
She has recently ventured into sculpture design. 
I am pleased to  have some of her artwork,
 in our home and hope to have more.
Henri Peters:
Here is one of the most talented artists of Native American paintings I have encountered.

His work is bold and speaks for itself.

Theresa Mathers:
 Incredible painter of rocks and feathers,
 I bought one of her feather paintings this year.


This piece shown hangs over my bed. 
Look over her site to see what other beautiful creations she has made.


Amy Brown:
Amy is a local PNW artist, who has become world renown
Her vision of the Faerie world is pure magick
Joseph Micheal Linsner has his own site
that allows you direct access
to his current and past projects. 
Keep up on all that is happening in the world of Dawn and Linsner.





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