Here are some poems I have either found or created.
I welcome you to send me any poems that you find or create, to be placed here


A soulmate is someone who has the locks to fit our keys,
and the keys to fit our locks.

When we feel safe enough to open the locks,
our truest selves step out,
and we can be completely,
and honestly who we are;
we can be loved for who we are,
and not for who we're pretending to be.

Each of us unveils the best part of one another.

No matter what else goes wrong around us,
with that one person we're safein our paradise.

Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings,
our sense of direction.

When we're two balloons,
and together our direction is up,
chances are we've found the right person.

Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.

Richard Bach



Soul Fire

Two fires burning,
          In one eternal soul.
Passionately embracing,
          In a constant fire dance.

Time for separation,
          The souls must split apart.
Each flame must seek its purpose,
           Down a separate path.

Souls becoming separate,
          The two who should be one.
When will they reach their destiny,
           And reunite the eternal love

They come to each other,
           In many different times.
Sometimes they discover,
          The true soul within those eyes.

Waiting for the journey,
           To deliver them right here.
The chance for them has finally come,
           The reunion has begun.

By Lady Tia

A Dedication to MySoulmate

The soul:
the me, myself and I in each and every one of us.
Me, who I am in this life.
Myself, who remembers more.
I, who believes.

The soul:
eternal, infinite, immortal.
'Me' will cease to exist on this plane of existence.
'Myself' knows there's more.
'I' live one lifetime after another, ad infinitum.

the soul calling onto itself that which it knows,
as always known,
ever shall know,
on every plane of existence.

Two souls:
drawn to each other,
from out of the multitudes,
of each and every one of us!
And we marvel, in awesome wonder!

What truths and compatibility are found!
Two minds that think as one!
Two hearts that beat in rhythm!
Two who know they are one!

For better and for worse,
In sickness and in health,
And Death cannot part us.

The 'me' who we are in this life,
will one day cease to exist.
Our 'self' remembers,
and knows:
'I' will live again,
and be drawn to you, by Fate.

The miracle that is life,
of being my, myself and I,
and finding you,
and knowing 'we' shall always be!
What better reward could life offer?! None!

Author Unknown


Two souls entwined
Together as one.
Each holding the other,
In a glowing embrace.

The spiritual joining,
Of these two souls.
Brings forth feeling,
Of life beginning.

Two bodies entwined,
Joining together.
Touching the other,
With passionate needs.

The physical joining,
Of these two bodies.
Feeds the soul,
And gives it life’s breath.

Two minds entwined,
Learning together.
The desires they share,
In fulfilling their destiny.

The mental joining,
Of theses two people.
Brings completeness,
To mind, body and soul.

By Lady Tia


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