Welcome to my magical realm. 

hope that those with an interest in Pagan related topics,
will find something here that sings to their soul. 

However, I do understand that there are many who might find my beliefs and interests offensive. 
I recommend that those people proceed no further. 
I have no wish for any person to feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.

I have created this area for those with an open mind,
and an exploring soul. 
Take what you will from these pages in developing your personal beliefs,
and decide what is right for you. 

I can honestly say, what I have put in these pages
touches me to my very essence.
  The rest of my site is relatively free from these concepts. 
For those who take the time to search,
there are things of beauty, relevance and learning to be found here.

I must now put in a disclaimer before  you proceed.
  I have included imagery on these pages that I find value in.
  To me they have an essence of beauty.
I am aware that to many people the pentagram is considered a symbol of the Devil.  I must clear this up right now.
The Devil is a Christian concept and as such has no relevance in the Craft.  Pagan beliefs  especially the Wiccan/Wittan have no belief of the Devil or Satan.  The Pentagram is a symbol associated with Wicca/Witta,
and has multiple meanings, those of which will be discussed in depth further on


This area has a large amount of growth potential,
so please check back for new areas to explore. 
Not all areas are complete at this time but under construction



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Last Updated on October 8th 2004


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