I recognize that this is a sensitive subject
for many people,
and do not wish to offend anyone. 
All I am attempting to do is share my thoughts
on religion, or what I see in the religious world.
  You may see my thoughts as unconventional. 
You are probably right,
but that does not bother me,
as I thrive on a degree of uniqueness.

  I personally find religious studies
incredibly interesting
in an educational sense,
but have a difficult time subscribing
to the theories put forth,
and the need to live by such dogma. 
I grew up being allowed to explore many religions
and there beliefs. 
This enabled me to form many opinions
based on my observations and  inner thoughts. 

I personally do not find it conceivable
that a book written by a number of people,
numerous years after the words were spoken,
could be relevant 
for so many people to blindly follow. 
I  see people quote the Bible
and turn the phrases around
to suit their own private logic
as though God only told them the true meaning. 
The scary thing is,
that this is not always done with good intent,
but with intent to harm or discriminate others.

   We seem to see
so many religions
focus on the "second coming"  ie.  Armageddon.
People are looking left and right for the antichrist,
and the paranoia is astounding to me.
I cannot believe at times
that so many people
have been living their lives in fear.
I cannot believe
that we are to allow ourselves to blindly follow
a savior in order for our souls to be saved.
Dogma states that Jesus was sent by God
to teach and guide us.
   He then died for our sins and saved us
(granted this is a simplified version). 
If God originally created humans
with independent thought
and motivation,
then I find it inconceivable and illogical
that he would re-send Jesus
to control  and lead us.   

I believe that our independent souls
collectively form a much higher entity
(see my eternal life philosophy page)
I do not subscribe to the end of the world theories
and feel no compulsion
to confess my sins for salvation.
  I see the need to be true to ourselves
and fulfill our souls destiny,
rather than allow others to control and lead us.