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These are some of our favorite art places on the Web



(a) To my Soulmate Lady Tia's Homepage To Lady Tia's Homepage (my Soulmate and savior)

Also: http://inner-serenity.org


For Luis Royo art

He is the modern master of fantasy art



See some of the other art Web Sites I had originally designed:
To Lee Seed's Art Web Site

Lee Seed Professional
Fantasy Illustrator

Also, check out this art site
I created for Albrecht

To Albrecht Illustrations Web Site
(e) for an excellent image viewer, browser, image organizer, image editor, and bitmap converter. To make the most of your picture folders.
(f) Go to the proof.htm page for several links to good image editors.
(g) See: Nene Thomas for the wonderful fantasy art she does.
(h) See: imageNETion for lots of art.
(i) for the best fantasy artists list web sites and their art.
(j) homeheading1.gif (23188 bytes)
(k) for a really nice set of tarot card images and other amazing watercolor fantasy art.
(l) See: Robin Wood's fantasy art
(m) See: Windwolf for fantasy art
(n) See: April Lee's fantasy art
(o) Here is some incredible fantasy art

David Delamare Loves doing mermaid and some fairy art




Our other obsessions: Honda 600 Cars
I comands you to enter David' art page or suffer the rath of the Dark Side Soulmate Stories Princess Lea also says you need to go to David's art page to help fight the Dark Forces of boredom
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