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Other female musical artist that you should come to love as we do
(in alphabetical order)

 cdbaby.com is one of the best sources for independents and more eclectic music out there

Tori Amos
Needs no introduction. We saw her live in person numerous times between 1996 to 2002.

  • Little Earthquakes 1992

  • Under the Pink 1994

  • Boys for Pele 1996

  • From the Choirgirl Hotel 1998

  • To Venus & Back 1999

  • Strange Little Girls (cover tunes) 2001

  •  Scarlet's Walk 2002

  • Tales of a Librarian (best of album) 2003

  • The Beekeeper2005

  • American Doll Posse 2007

  • Abnormally Attracted to Sin 2009

  • Night of the Hunters 2011

  • Midwinter Graces 2011

  • Gold Dust 2012

Gabrielle Aplin
She is a UTube sensation from the UK and has some great music. We saw her live in person on 5/15/14.
youtube channel

  • English Rain

Jasmine Ash
I first saw her perform with some friends at a local Boarders book store. I was impressed with her sound and personable attitude, so I bought her one CD. I normally have my music set to shuffle and have been frequently impressed to see her name come up when I look at it to see who sang that amazing song with much more rich texture than I would expected from such a new artist w/o corporate backing. I would say all the songs on her album are very good, unlike you get with most albums. Her next album was no disappointment either. She was a lucky find.

  • Shine

  • Beneath the Noise


She is another teen UTube sensation from the UK and has some great music. We saw her live in person on 5/23/14.
youtube channel

  • Birdy

Paula Cole
I first saw her open for Sarah McLachlan all by herself, short hair, and using unconventional instruments to make her music, but I was so amazed, I rushed right over to Tower Records that night after the concert to get her debut album.  Which turned out to be even better than I imagined.  Although she did not make it big until the release of her single 'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone'.

  • Harbinger - 1994

  • The Fire - 1996

  • Amen - 1999

  • Courage - 2007

  • Ithaca - 2010

Heather resides on the Oregon Coast.  You can buy her CD "Love Road" at cdbaby.com

The Heather Christie Band
"Ms. Christie's strong, spirited vocals compliment her guitar work and gift for storytelling.....

It is sometimes a curse to compare a rising young performer's style to others; however, Heather's vocal qualities are reminiscent of a delightful mosh of Ani Difranco and Joni Mitchell, with just a touch of Tori Amos.... Power folk with a rock edge, Heather's lyrics are intense and intriguing enough to keep the listener coming back for a second helping."

Heather Christie is also a personal friend of ours.  Tia met her at the monthly New Moon Spiritual Coastal Retreat group she goes to.

Mary Fahl
formerly the lead singer in The October Project.  She has a most compelling deep and sultry voice.  Not what you would expect to come out of a pretty blond woman like her.

  • The Other Side of Time

  • The October Project

  • Falling Farther In

  • From the Dark Side of the Moon


Patty Griffin
She has got to have one of the most incredible voices on earth, and is quite the story teller, which makes her stuck in the folk music genre.  She leans towards country music in some songs.  I am not much of a country music fan.  Flaming Red was her big hit album and is more pop than country or even folk.

We saw her live in person with Dar Williams and Shawn Colvin.

  • Living with Ghosts - 1996

  • Flaming Red - 1998

  • 1000 Kisses - 2002

  • A Kiss in Time - 2003

  • Impossible Dream - 2004

  • Children Running Through - 2007

  • Downtown Church - 2010

Lily Holbrook
Her music sounds much like Tori Amos. Just as rich and soulful. A definite must.
  • Everything was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

  • Running from the Sky

  • Wicked Ways

Unique and magical only begins to describe the Illumine sound. Two extraordinary musicians have found their way into each others lives, their collaborative effort  is sure to leave their audience demanding more. Shannon Day and Stephen Brown are Illumine.

Their sound is an eclectic mix of acoustic electronica, the likes of which have never been heard in today's vast music arena. Begin with Steve thumping an extremely tribal djembe beat, layer with an electronic landscape, complete the mix with Shannon soaring above with beautifully angelic vocalization, You now begin to understand the term unique. This phenomenal duo has created a new genre in music, as yet defined only as Illumine.

Illumine is a local Portland, Oregon band.  Shannon's older Sister was the lead singer of Nu Shooz

Tracy James
This is her first album which took us by storm.  Tia discovered her CD through CD Baby.com.  She is simply amazing.  A great song writer and singer that knows how to blend her voice with amazing back-up music unlike you have heard before.

  • Changing Planes

Jem is new to the music scene, but will likely take it by storm. She has an incredibly rich first album with all the songs on it a real 'jem'. Many newly heard albums need several listens to get into it, but this one you love right from the first listen.
  • Finally Woken

  • Down To Earth

Her first album took me some time to get into it, but it grew on me so much I wanted to have her baby.  Each time I was in the record store I kept wanting to buy her album all over again. It was a couple years before her second album was released.  She is simply amazing.  A great song writer and singer.

We saw her live in person in the Rose Gargen.

  • Pieces of You - 1995

  • Spirit -1995

  • This Way - 2001

  • 0304 [ENHANCED] - 2003

  • Goodbye Alice in Wonderland - 2006

  • Chasing Down the Dawn - 2006

  • Perfectly Clear - 2008

  • Sweet and Wild - 2010

Donna Lewis
is another female artist from the UK that has a very dynamic sound.

  • Now in a Minute

  • Blue Planet

  • Be Still

  • In the Pink

Sinéad Lohan
is another female artist from Ireland that has a very dynamic sound. We first found her music on the sound track for Message in a Bottle. Each song on her albums is really good, but she has not been active since 2001 tied down with a family.

  • Who Do You Think I Am

  • No Mermaid 

Tara MacLean
is simply magickal! We heard her played on the TV show called 'Charmed' and took note of who it was to grab up her albums. We then saw her here in Portland at a small club sponsored by KINK for $1.02 tickets to see her.  We would have happily paid 20 times that price.  She is and Eastern Canadian that should be one of the biggest female singers out there. I dare say none rival her musical magick.

  • Passenger

  • Silence

  • Signs of Life

  • Wake

Charlotte Martin
is another female artist that has a very dynamic sound. We first found her music on the sound track for Sweet Home Alabama in the opening credits. Then was able to order her CDs through CD Baby.com. We finally saw her live in a small venue here in Portland Oregon called the Mississippi Studios on 3-2-06 and was blown away by her friendly, sweet, and humble demeanor, as well as her music of course.

  • Veins EP -CD

  • On Your Shore

  • In Parentheses EP - CD

  • Test-drive Songs

  • Darkest Hour EP

  • Hiding Places DVD/CD

is simply amazingas a singer/songwriter/musician/videographer. We saw her live in person opening for Gabrielle Aplin on 5/15/14, where I recorder this video:

She plays multiple instruments on her albums and has produced some fantastic music videos:
youtube channel

  • Grow

  • Winterwell

Anna Nalick
is simply amazing, but we need more music from her.

We saw her live in person in the Roseland Theater.

  • Wreck of the Day

  • Broken Doll & Odds & Ends


Heather Nova
is an artist that can't seem to go wrong on any of her songs.  That is a rare find. http://www.heathernova.com/video/welcome_lar.htm

  • South

  • Blow [LIVE]

  • Siren

  • Oyster

  •  Glow Stars

  • Wonderlust Live [IMPORT] [LIVE]

  • Live from the Milky Way

  • Redbird


Mary Lydia Ryan
is one of the best small time singers out there with an incredible voice and amazing vision for her rich full musical sound. She is local to the Seattle area. We were very fortunate to have caught her at a free Borders concert night in Beaverton, Oregon.
youtube MaryLydia

  • Diaphanous

  • Mary Lydia Ryan

  • Sunshine and Second Chances

Natalie Walker
is a singer with surprisingly rich sound.
youtube NatalieWalkerMusic

  • Urban Angel

  • With You

  • Spark


Rachael Yamagata
is a singer with a deeper soulful sound:
youtube channel

  • Happenstance

  • Elephant - Teeth Sinking in to Heart



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