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And here she is:
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"Welcoming Gaze"
framed originla painting on masonite


This painting is David's favorite.  He bought this one at a local fan run Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention called ORYCON.  It was painted by an artist living in Aloha, Oregon, here in the States.  Her name is April Bullard. She painted it in 1994. He spent over $400.00 reframing it with a three part frame. I do not feel I would trade this painting for the actual "Mona Lisa" if offered.  It is hard to describe, but this is a most powerful piece, and I do not seem to get tired of gazing at it.  I felt guilty for having  paid so little for it, even though I gave the Artist more than the asking price, and then sent her over half again as much later on when I took her out to dinner the next year during Orycon. Sadly she had not sold any other of her paintings eather year and became very dicappointed with her art.

This is the first time (9/20/18) that I have been able to take a decent picture of this painting after having it for over 20 years now; without lots of glare from trying to light it in different ways. This was shot just sitting at my desk hand held with my Nikon D850 camera under indoor lighting and a little light coming from a window 10' away. I needed to use a slow shutter speed of 1/3 second, so I could utilize the lowest 64 ISO setting with the lens wide open at f/4. normally you cannot take a photo at such a slow shutter speed without a tripod to hold the camera very steady.

"Welcoming Gaze"
a close-up here

I see you

"Welcoming Gaze"
or "Woman with Curtain" working title
18" by 24" oil on masonite
artist - April Bullard

I (April) began this painting during two sessions of what I call "side by side painting". An artist friend and I set up our easels, chairs, and painted side by side. For a little more than three hours per session, we worked and painted. I worked on what became "Welcoming Gaze", and she worked on a piece of her own.

     We questioned each otherís work and talked as we worked. We explained our composition choices, colors, and various brush or media techniques on the work side of the process. We also explained the story and/or the feelings that we wanted to bring out in the paintings.

     For my part, I wanted a colorful portrait of an inviting young woman. She should be older than jailbait, but less than 30. A woman, not a girl. I liked the look and the revealing qualities of the harem pants, but didnít want limit her to a specific time or place. I originally painted the Ďshirtí extremely transparent, but I didnít want her to seem too sleazy, so the shirt became more and more opaque, until I felt she was more genuine than cheap.

     I love color. The more vibrant, and richly intense I can get, the more I like it. At the same time, I hope to harmonize, and keep the colors from pulling the painting apart, and let the subject speak.

     I believe the talking and questioning my way through the first two painting sessions of this work improved my basic techniques and gave me a little more confidence. The last few sessions of painting were pure fun, and I hope helped create a beautiful piece you can enjoy.

November 7, 1997



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