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I see you


title: Torso of a Nude
17.5" tall
A. Danel of the Austin Group


Motoko Kusanagi, or Major
by: Masamune Shirow
from the anime movie: Ghost in the Shell
resin kit 12" tall
I hired an artist to assemble and paint it for me

Vampirella figure
pre-painted 13.5" tall

by: Moore Creations
pre-painted display 17.5" tall

Dawn, Goddess of Birth and Re-birth
w/her Soulmate Cernunnos

Randy Bowen Designs
is the creator of this sculpture below
Michael J. Linsner is the creator of this Dawn character

pre-painted 13.5" tall

A Bob Mackie Barbie Doll
pre-painted 17.5" tall

we scored this for half price at FAO Schwarz because of a mis-priced doll on display

A Mermaid figure
pre-painted 13.5" tall

Beauty and the Serpent
pre-painted 10.5" tall

by William Tucci
pre-painted 10.5" tall

from Dead or Alive II
pre-painted 10.5" tall

Lady Death
by: Chaos Comics
pre-painted porcelain 6.5" tall

Lady Death

original sculpture 7.5" tall w/base
by: Betty Bigelow


Darth Vader's Helmet
1/2 scale detailed pre-painted reproduction 8" tall


USA made 1987 Washburn Guitar

This has got to be the single most expensive piece
of art to date (5/07). I cannot hardly play decent to save my life,
but this is certainly a very good example of fine wood working

Special Features:
Walnut shell, 2 pick-ups, mother of pearl inlay name,
gold plated tuners, padded hard shell case.


My Spirituality is also an art form as well



Here is David's first tattoo (11/04)
It is an ancient Celtic Cross design
(which has nothing to do with Nazi or Christian Philosophy)
The wings represent: The 4 Elements
Large ring: Sun
Small ring: Moon
Center: 5th Element-Spirit.


And here is David's tribal chest tattoo (1/07)





These 12" wide drums were painted by a friend named John Rigby
Ph# 503 544 1865 or Spyder77769@netscape.c*m
(just replace the '*' with 'o' in .com above)



Here is this symbol even more elaborately painted on
the head of my large 26" wide bodhrain drum



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