According to the Celtic wisdom, our souls begin their journey together as one clay being that becomes broken apart.
Through this, two souls emerge and move on into their journeys.
Throughout time, we seek to rejoin our Soulmate that was created as our perfect match.

This page is dedicated to the power of two souls finding their way into each others realm again.

I have found the completion to my search, and now bask in the light of my Soulmates love.

Love with a Soulmate is never over-ridden with jealousy or anger. Please understand that this is not a level of perfection though as we are all human creatures.
Between the two Souls, there is a world of understanding that often does not even need to be shared through spoken word.  
Soulmates can even reach a level of psychic communication.  Communication being the key.  
Soulmates seem to have increased ability to ride through the waves,
 and communicate their needs.

Physical union of the souls reaches heights of awareness beyond common intimacy.   
Sharing each others body becomes exactly that "Sharing".  
There is not a need of competition in sexual love,
 nor the need to complete union with false needs.  
Mutual love and satisfaction can be achieved with this mate to your Soul. 


Anam Cara is the Celtic word for "Soul Friend", and throughout our lifetimes we search for people who are our Anam Cara.
Often we find relevant qualities in others that make us believe our Anam Cara is also our Soulmate.
Truly touching the Soul of another and sharing allows us to become Anam Cara.
This is a level that can be reached with people you mentor, revere, need, or enjoy in your life. 
Your Soulmate reaches beyond the Soul sharing of Anam Cara, and becomes a state of completion between the two Souls.


The search should never be rushed or sought after; 
for in desperation you may overlook and rush past the very Soul that is your match.

Do not worry that your life path seems to be leading you astray, 
for sometimes that is exactly the place you will find your Soulmate.

Adversity to your Soul can create openings that allow your Soulmate to find you through, and thus allow the two Souls to join together.
Tumultuous times and periods of adversity often lead to enlightenment, and new beginnings.
Continued growth between you and your Soulmate will also be intense and incredible.  
In no other relationship will you feel the heights of awareness and depths of passion as you do with your Soulmate.


I have found my Soulmate after many years of wondering if such a thing existed.
Many people are unable to believe in the union of Souls, 
and thus give no quality to the reunion of Souls.

I think that those who truly wish to reunite with their Soulmate, 
must not let worry and non-belief from others, 
carry them away from their search.

I can attest that the attainment of that union is most rewarding and worth the journey.

Continuation of the journey inspires me to wonder "what more", but with each passing day that more is revealed and again leaves me in awe.  Life with a Soulmate is one of the most complete states I can describe.  The ability to feel this life and feel a connection to other lives through another person is indescribable.  The passion that is capable of existing is as bright as the sun, and as fiery hot 


This page is dedicated to My Love  David, 
The man who has brought my Soul into the light and feeds it with constant Love and Understanding.

I invite you to go to a special Soulmate page. 
It is written by my best friend and is truly exceptional.
I am honored to host her story.

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