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The contents here on our personal philosophy web site may be highly offensive to many a xenophobe (ultra-conservative narrow-minded prudes, who have an unhealthy fear of people who are different).  If this is you; please do not read any further or you risk expanding your mind and develop alternate ideas about your reality and life choices.  You are welcome to remain in your own self-imposed blissful state of ignorance.

That said, we do not mean to get preachy here. We try to keep specific religious dogma out of our philosophies. Personally we feel organized religion should not be needed for people to live a good ethical life and find deep connection with their divine. Organized Religion has proven throughout the millenia to only distract us from our truth and opress scociety. We pose a few questions and offer a few suggestions to consider on these pages. If you do decide to explore further into our philosophy pages linked below and still wind up taking grave offence to what is written; perhaps you refused or were unable to consider what we are trying to say.  Our intent here is to help enlighten people to learn to live LOVE and compassion for life and each other, as well as for yourself.  If nothing else, we hope for these writings to inspire a healthy open forum of discussion for sharing ideas with those around you.

We welcome your constructive criticism and ideas, but keep your negative and hateful comments to yourself please!  If hate and being judgmental is all you tend to express, seek professional therapy and or deep medication, so you are less offensive to others. Also be very patient with yourself, as it commonly takes a great deal of time and often a lot of rather unpleasant effort on your part to go through the healing process. It may even require many life-times in order to evolve into a more sentient creature. We are all in the process of evolving at some point in our personal development, so don't feel bad about what ever stage you are currently in. It is a gradual process.

e-mail-usIf you are willing to share your thoughts with strangers on the Internet (as we have done here) we may be willing to publish your philosophies as well, or link to your web site. We may add your polite and intelligent comments to what we have written, or even counter points here on our web site.  Just e-mail your thoughts to us for consideration, and remember to mention if you are willing to allow us to share your ideas with the world as well.

We try to be as brief yet concise as possible in these writings.  Please excuse us if we get a bit wordy with our philosophies, as we are trying to communicate as clearly as possible, but all together this web site is still shorter than a typical novel.  They are broken down into several different topics from which to choose.  Most of these are personal writing of David & Tia Rich in Portland, Oregon. There is also several other professional authors and a few less professional people, which we've linked to their web site. We have not sold or traded any ad space here, so do not bother to ask if we will host your link or offer a link exchange. It's solely on merrit of it's content.

Feel free to browse through our minds
Just remembering to pick up after yourself before you leave

Here is an example of a letter we got recently:

Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2012
Subject: Four Directions
Hello. I enjoy your web site. I would like to ask you a question if I may. I am looking into putting up plaques that represent each of the four directions in my backyard. I have looked up on the web, Fire=South, Air=East, Water=West, Earth=North. Is this correct? Also what could I put up for each of these directions respectively? Do you know of a web site that sells such items? Thank You. Walt

Sure, I could make you a nice set, although preferably the best way to do this: it's a personal journey traveled, which you may have begun many years ago and not realized it. It is a gradual learning growth experience to discover what these sacred Elements means to you on a deep level. Many set up alters, be it indoors or out. You can add to these alters as time goes by with special objects which ring within your soul.

It's best if they are not be store bought objects, but if that is what seems to feel right to you it's not for me to say you're wrong. It could be just a simple twig you found while taking a hike in the woods, a fallen robin's egg, a rock, even water from a stream saved in a jar. Do these things with good intent as if they were the most sacred thing you've ever done, not matter how silly that might seem.

You can paint a banner for over these alters with symbols that feel right, but that would normally come after you have gone through much of this personal journey and these elements now have much more meaning to you. Sit with these alters one at a time to contemplate how precious each of these important Elements are to you in sustaining life and bringing pleasure. Maybe focus on one for a week at a time, or even a month. Think, where would you be without any one of them? Thank the Elements, as if they were represented by a great Deity. It is not important to define them, but to feel them within you.

It is not important to read what others have written about their experience, as your personal connection to the Divine does not need to match others, but it can help you begin your journey, such as how you decided to contact me about this. One's Spiritual connection should not be something you put on, like your Sunday suit, just to take off that night. It is more like the skin you wear every moment of every day. Then you know you are starting to get it.


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Personal Note:
If you like some of the thought displayed here, you are welcome to apply them in your life and share them with others.  If not, simply discard them. No offence taken. We wish you a wonderful life. Where ever your path takes you is where you should be.  Our only aim with these thoughts are to help people feel better about their life's path and hopefully get along with each other, which should be the only purpose for Organized Religion.  We accept no responsibility for the actions of those who may read these pages.


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